Watercraft Insurance

People love being near, on, in, or under water; and often that includes the use of a watercraft, such as a motorboat, jet ski, ski boat, sailing boat, and all the standard fittings and accessories that comes with it.

Watercraft insurance will insure your watercraft against loss or damage, including the cover for sinking or collision, hull inspection after stranding, salvage costs, and any medical expenses incurred by passengers. The watercraft insurance offered by SA Financial Planners includes most types of watercraft and the accompanying accessories.

Watercraft insurance policy benefits:

  • emergency cost and repairs
  • recovery accommodation
  • medical expenses for your family
  • trauma treatment

It also insures you against many common liability losses (whether you were operating the craft or not), so you have the option of being covered for:

  • damage to another craft or dock
  • bodily injury or death to another person due to your (or another driver’s) negligence
  • physical damage to the hull, machinery, and equipment
  • injury to you caused by an uninsured watercraft operator
  • towing assistance if you break down in the water

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