Optional Cover

The SA Financial Planners range of product options that can be added to your insurance portfolio includes cover for legal costs and expenses, personal accident cover, limited bed and breakfast cover, and 4×4 vehicle cover.

These extra products add value to your portfolio and are available as additional cover under some of the flexible products.

Extended Personal Legal Liability is available for an additional R10 to R15 on your premium, which covers your liability to the value of R10 million or R20 million respectively.

Legal costs and expenses can be covered for as little as R30 per month. You’ll have 24-hour access to legal advice and cover of up to R100 000, which cover costs and expenses related to:

  • an occurrence leading to civil action
  • a criminal charge
  • legal action in a labour court and legal action concerning family members
  • identity theft that leads to real or potential prejudice and results in legal liability or financial loss.

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