Building Insurance

Our basic building insurance covers residential structures and other fixed structures and fittings at your home, as well as cover for special alterations to your private property if it needs to be made accessible in the event that you’re disabled.

SA Financial Planners offers you comprehensive insurance products for your private property, including cover against loss or damage caused by malicious damage, loss of water, and special alterations due to disability accessibility.

You’ll also be provided with cover for home improvements, locked up domestic residential buildings, as well as residential building improvements such as garages, carports, and in-ground swimming pools.

The effects of subsidence, landslip, or heave (the upward, downward, or sideways movement of the ground on which your property is built), or the types of risks associated with these geographical occurrences can make it extremely difficult to obtain comprehensive building insurance, but SA Financial Planners provides the appropriate comprehensive insurance products so that you have that extra peace of mind.

Our building insurance comes with convenient benefits:

  • medical expenses of guests
  • medical expenses of domestic employees
  • damage to gardens
  • emergency accommodation
  • security guards

If you have any questions, please complete the contact form with your details and we’ll call you.