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These days, it may appear that everyone wants to offer you short term insurance for your car & home. It may look like car & home insurance, sound like car & home insurance, and feel like car & home insurance premiums, but when crunch-time comes, it often doesn’t act like car & home insurance. To find out that you’re not insured for something you thought was included in your cover can cause a huge financial setback.

At SA Financial Planners, we pride ourselves on offering first-class Car & Home insurance – when you’re insured with us, you can rest assured that you are in fact, 100% insured. We offer quality products in a set of solutions that’s easy to understand and which can be designed to suit your personal needs. That’s what we’re about.

We understand that you value your personal possessions and you know that anything can happen. To give you peace of mind, our personal car & home insurance products leave little room for doubt – know that if you care about your valuables, we’ll give you first-class car & home insurance that does the same.

At SA Financial Planners, we do car & home insurance properly, incorporating careful consideration, due diligence, and in-depth expertise. We take the time to ensure that we have a solution that best suits your needs (but we won’t leave you hanging!).