Short-Term Insurance

Businesses – from start-ups, small to medium enterprises, and large organisations – experience the same risks of damage and loss due to burglary, fire, accidents, and hijacking. Business assets are valuable to the functioning as well as the success of a business, and the risk of your assets puts your livelihood at stake, so you don’t want to take chances with uninsured assets, buildings, and vehicles. Should the unforeseen happen, it will help to know that you’re covered to have your lost or damaged assets replaced in the shortest possible time and that business can resume as normal.

At SA Financial Planners, our expertise lies in understanding what’s important to you and taking your business as seriously as you do. Our expertise goes hand-in-hand with our unrivalled after-sales service centre, to bring you a fantastic business insurance experience and range of products to suit the type of business you’re in.

Every business is unique, so your insurance solutions need to reflect this. We’ll ensure we live up to our promises and provide you with an insurance solution that does what you need it to, when you need it to.

Our Commercial Offering includes:

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