Wealth Solutions

At SA Financial Planners, we have your specific investment needs in mind when providing wealth solutions. We have three particular solutions to ensure you make intelligent investment decisions:

Factor Series Fund

For investors looking for a solutions-based offering that offers an investment outcome with specific returns, has robust asset allocation, and ensures an optimal blend of investment strategies, the Factor Series Fund gives you access to risk-profiled portfolios and the right investment managers for each strategy.

It’s an actively managed investment solution that continually provides the best blend of asset classes, strategies and managers – you’ll benefit from the ongoing appropriate changes to the manager and strategies. The Factor Series Fund is described as multi-asset class, multi-strategy, and multi-manager solution, which produces real returns and grows the purchasing power of your investment.

Your benefit also lies in the diverse asset allocation and ongoing management and rebalancing of your investment to ensure you get the most out of what you’ve put in.

Positive Return Fund

SA Financial Planners offers you a wealth solution that’s perfect for the current market uncertainty, especially if you’re worried about the return on your investments in a negative equity market.

The Positive Return Fund uses conservative equity exposure aimed at protecting and growing your money via Capital Preservation and Capital Growth, aimed at outperforming inflation by at least 3.5% over three years. This strategy aims to achieve consistent positive returns by investing across a range of interest-bearing and equity-type assets.

This unit trust fund is classified by the Association of Savings and Investment in South Africa (ASISA) as an Absolute Return.

Death Benefit Guarantee

If you’ve spent your investment term honing your patience and perseverance, but it comes to an abrupt end due to your untimely death, the Death Benefit Guarantee ensures that your portfolio is not negatively affected during the year of your death. It guarantees the value of your portfolio, providing more accuracy in estate planning and ensuring that your hard work has not gone to waste.

With this solution SA Financial Planners offers you a powerful planning tool geared towards certainty, even in a down-turned market. You can add it at any time to an existing investment with us and select this benefit over a wide range of investments.

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