Wealth Products

Life shouldn’t be a hand-to-mouth process, week after week – a financial “flying by the seat of your pants”. You need a long-term plan to ensure you can build sustainable wealth. SA Financial Planners has an appealing range of wealth products to suit every investor’s needs for a great and rewarding portfolio.

Our wealth products include the following:

Flexible Investment Option

This type of investment allows you to customise your portfolio, depending on your choice of a short-, medium-, or long-term investment strategy.

The flexibility of the investment also allows you full access to your money; being able to draw a regular income from your investment; being exempt from tax, depending on how you manage your investment; and caters to a variety of investors – from individuals to companies, non-taxable entities, and trusts.

Flexible Endowment Option

The Flexible Endowment Option allows you to increase your money with an investment strategy that’s suitable if you don’t want access to your investment all the time.

An endowment is more tax efficient than individual investor products; there are no executor’s fees; and you can easily build a diversified portfolio, as well as get access to SA Financial Planners’ range of funds, which caters to the needs of different risk profiles.

Traded Endowment Option

Higher tax bracket earners will benefit from the Traded Endowment Option, which will suit investors whose products generate mostly interest or rental income, or attract capital gains.

You as the investor can enjoy full access to your investment at all times (no restriction period or minimum term); you’ll have access to a specially-created range of investment funds; and enjoy the tax efficiency associated with the type of investment returns of the traded endowment option.

Retirement Annuity Option

With the Retirement Annuity Option, you get to save for retirement while benefiting from the tax concessions associated with a retirement annuity.

You’ll benefit from tax-free investment growth as well as tax-deductible contributions (within limits), which are deducted before tax comes off your income. You can also flexibly suspend and resume your investment contributions if you’re having difficulty paying; and you’ll have access to a specially-created range of investment funds, which allow for the growth needs of various individuals.

Retirement Preservation Option

If you want to preserve your retirement savings and enjoy tax-free growth, then the Retirement Preservation Option is for you.

You’ll enjoy tax-free investment growth leading up to retirement, as returns are free of tax; a transfer of retirement benefits that is tax-free; access to your retirement savings (with conditions); as well as a formalised, structured and long-term approach to retirement saving; as well as the Retirement Enhancer Benefit.

Retirement Income Option

This option provides a market-linked retirement income, which also allows your money to be passed to your beneficiaries.

You’ll benefit from greater control over your income when you choose how much you want to get paid out (as a percentage of your invested capital); be able to switch between unit trusts and manage the composition of your portfolio; and your beneficiaries will be paid out directly. You’ll also have access to the specially-created range of funds, which caters for the varying needs of different risk profiles.

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