Your potential to save for retirement, education, and for lifestyle goals doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all of your strategy for wealth creation. At SA Financial Planners, we provide pre- and post-retirement product solutions – from capital preservation to income growth and capital growth.

By allowing us to provide you with wealth creation solutions, we’ll give you access to the largest linked investment service providers in the country who are administering the combined assets of hundreds of billions of rands.

What we can offer you

All investors are investing different amounts for different reasons and with different maturities, so our range of wealth products means we carry  retirement and investment solutions for a whole variety of investors: individuals, companies, trusts, etc.

You’ll have the option of investing in various types of funds across a distinct product range, of wealth products and solutions.

Wealth products

  • Flexible Investment Option
  • Flexible Endowment Option
  • Traded Endowment Option
  • Retirement Annuity Option
  • Retirement Preservation Option
  • Retirement Income Option

Wealth Solutions

To meet the needs of all of our unique investors:

  • Factor Series Fund of Funds Portfolio Range
  • Positive Return Fund
  • Death Benefit Guarantee

Investor benefits:

  • Access to the information you want in the format you want it – view your asset allocation as well as you investment performance. Get a breakdown of your dividends, interest declared and accrued, withdrawals, additional investments, as well as fees paid and tax deducted.
  • Have your investment value and statements SMS’d to you; view online, or call a voice-activated service.
  • Our fees are cost-effective and transparent, which allows you to see what you’re paying for.
  • As asset managers send rebates, they offset the administration fee of your funds, so you enjoy lower ongoing fees the longer you invest with us.
  • We offer security and confidentiality of the highest standard – your privacy is safe with us.

If you have any questions, please complete the contact form with your details and we’ll call you.