Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement may seem like a scary thing to do because it might just make you realise that it’s not too far off, even if you’ve only started working. However, working with SA Financial Planners to ensure you’re financially secure in your golden years will make some of that dread disappear. We have a simple way to work out how to go about your retirement planning:

  • Decide what sort of lifestyle you want to live when you’ve retired
  • We’ll help you figure out how much money you need by the time you retire, to fund the lifestyle you deserve
  • We’ll help you to draft a plan, which will lay out how much you should invest from now until the time you retire – taking into consideration any existing retirement funds you (or your employer) may have in place

Once you know what you’d like to get out of your investment and have chosen the funds or combination of funds you’d like to use, you can let them do the work in generating your desired investment returns.


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