What we can do for you

At SA Financial Planners, our products not only protect you against critical and unforeseen life events, but also helps you to enjoy your life under many different circumstances.

We give you peace of mind against the risk of death, disability, and critical illness, as well as the risk of living too long. You can be assured of timely pay-outs for income protection in the advent of a critical illness or disability, as well as continual pay-outs if you incur a lifelong impairment.

Make sure you’ve saved enough by the time you retire and boost that amount with additional savings if your life insurance policy is also with the same provider and you have not claimed in the past. If you stay disability-free by the age of 80, our lump-sum pay-out will give you enough money to survive for another 10 years.

We offer some of the most advanced life insurance products in South Africa – you’d be hard-pressed to find a better range of financial wellness products that ensure your long-term peace of mind.

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