Long Life Cover

It’s all good and well to have a retirement annuity as well as disability insurance or critical illness cover, but you may run the risk of living for too long and becoming a financial burden on your loved ones should you run out of money to cover your own expenses.

Long Life cover will pay out lump sums as you reach various milestones, which include:

  • Reaching retirement age (with or without claiming)
  • Turning 80 years old if you’ve remained healthy and claim-free
  • Staying alive for five years after a critical illness or disability, as well as at every five-year milestone after that.

Long Life cover also protects you against:

  • The expenses of a critical illness should you continue to live a long life
  • A long life without an income in the event of a disability
  • Living longer that what your retirement savings can allow.

The amount of long life cover is determined by the benefits it’s attached to, but you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll never run out of critical illness cover; you’ll get an extra 50% disability cover (on average), and your retirement savings will be boosted by Retirement booster and the Long Life enhancer products.

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