Impairment Cover

If an illness or injury puts you in the position that you cannot take care of yourself, impairment cover will protect you financially in the long-term. It will protect you against long-term, high impact illnesses such as blindness, dementia, or paraplegia.

While Critical Illness Benefits are paid out whether you recover or not, Impairment Cover requires you to be permanently impaired in order for the benefits to apply. The cover can assist you with making lifestyle and mobility changes such as installing wheelchair ramps and modifying your car for your disability, or for the expense of a private nurse, which won’t run out regardless of how long you live.

Our products include a functional protector, which will ensure you receive an income for the rest of your life if you become severely impaired; as well as a functional impairment benefit, which pays out a lump sum if you become impaired and your lifestyle and mobility require expensive adjustments.

Impairment benefits provide a highly cost-effective solution for the long-term expenses of impairment, and you get to decide on how much cover you may need should you become permanently impaired.

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