Future Insurability Cover

Your life insurance needs and product cover may increase as time passes, especially if your salary increases dramatically (and your higher cost of living as a result). At different stages in your life, you may require additional life insurance, but there’s no guarantee that your provider will accept your application for it, especially if your health is not very good. They may also increase your premium and subsequently exclude certain benefits.

Future Insurability Cover will ensure you’re able to buy additional life, disability, or impairment cover if/when you need it. The only proof of health you’d need is an HIV-negative test result. With this cover, you can increase your insurability upon the advent of getting a salary increase, getting married, or starting a family or a new business. We cover a wide range of events for which you’ll be able to buy up to R5 million future cover for a term of up to 15 years.

Younger people tend to need more cover, especially if you’re aiming for high salary increases, home ownership, and a full, busy family life, or your children require additional cover due to impairment.

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