Disability Insurance

As an income-earning individual, you are able to live an independent lifestyle – pay for your groceries, your utilities bill, put petrol in your car or pay for other transport, pay school fees, your home loan, medical aid, and other expenses. We know that life is expensive, but imagine how expensive it would get if you suddenly had no more income.

Everyone is at risk of becoming too impaired to earn an income, so you’d be wise to protect yourself from the stresses of having a disability without an income.

Disability cover is that all-important financial product that pays you out if you cannot work due to an injury or illness, replacing the income you are unable to work for. It also protects both employers and employees from being booked off from work for longer than seven days (employers) or when sick leave runs out (employees).

We have a range of disability insurance products that can effectively protect your income until you reach the age of 70 years old. If you don’t use the disability cover, it can be converted to cover an impairment benefit.

Our income disability benefits include income protectors and business overheads protectors, which will protect your income while you are recovering from an injury or illness (for up to 24 months), or if you require permanent income protection if you’re no longer able to work. For business owners, this includes covering fixed overheads expenses and gross fees for up to 24 months. We also have a long life protector, which keeps you financially covered if you end up living a long life with your disability, and it pays out a benefit when you turn 80 years old, if you did not claim from your income protector.

Our lump sum disability benefits keep you covered, depending on your situation. We have products that cover not only a permanent inability to work, but also percentage payments, depending on how severely impaired you are, and whether you’re still able to perform certain income-generating tasks. These benefits can also be enhanced by the long life protector, which provides additional cover if you live a long life with your disability. It, too, pays out a benefit if you reach the age of 80 years old without having claimed under the disability benefit.

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