Investment Planning

At SA Financial Planners, we encourage the concept of saving for your future. Investing in a product or two that will help your money to grow is a much better way of managing the money in your future than by going into debt and paying it off gradually while the interest eats away your liquid assets.

Saving regularly and investing those savings will ensure you give your money time to grow, so it’s imperative that you start investing early on in your career. The more you invest now, the greater financial freedom you can experience later.

Each investment product is designed to cater for your own investment needs in the pre-retirement phase of your life. Within our investment planning products, you can choose from a range of funds, which are managed by leading South African fund managers.

Investment Planning Products

  • Save now for your retirement
  • Save now for your child’s education
  • Save for something special (like an overseas holiday, home renovations, or that sports car you’ve always wanted)

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