Loss of Income Protection

When it comes to your possessions – vehicle, building, and home contents – you wouldn’t think of going uninsured because what happens when loss, theft, or damage requires you to replace these expensive items? Vehicle, building, and home contents insurance is important so that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

You need to treat your personal income and business expenses and overheads in the same way. You are the asset that needs to be insured when it comes to running your business, so that if you fall ill or become disabled or too impaired to work, you can still earn an income and pay for your living expenses.

SA Financial Planners will help you to calculate your total earnings (until your selected retirement age), which effectively represents your worth, and help to protect you against your potential loss of income. We can offer you an Income Disability Benefit (which pays you a monthly income for temporary or even permanent disablement) as well as an Overhead Expenses Benefit, which will help with the running costs of your business within a month or two of your disability.

Contact us to talk about how much income protection you need to ensure you can stay independent, even in the face of disability.