Insurance for Companies

Both small businesses and large corporations fall under our line of expertise when it comes to understanding the specific risks associated with what you do and the assets you use to do it.

We at SA Financial Planners can offer you business insurance solutions that cover the following:

Buildings (combined)

There is a whole list of things that could cause damage to your work premises or building, so we can offer you cover for such damage. This cover includes the cost of fire extinguishing and the resulting damage that may occur.

You’re also covered for business continuity – the additional expenses you may incur (like renting temporary office space) to carry on with your business practices while your offices are being repaired.

You can extend this cover to protect your property against theft or burglary.


Fire is a very destructive force that may see your business literally go up in smoke. Our fire cover protects you against the damage caused by fire and the related risks such as:

  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Storm
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Earthquakes
  • Malicious damage
  • Aircraft impact

At no additional costs: you’ll also be paid for fire extinguishing, professional cover for architects’ costs and those of other professionals incurred through the loss or damage of your assets.

Office Contents

Not only are most offices filled with new technology, which is expensive and state-of-the-art and helps businesses to function, but the furniture and especially the filing and documentation also need to be protected.

The office contents insurance we offer you includes insurance against damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Storm
  • Wind
  • Water
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Earthquakes
  • Accidental/malicious damage
  • Impact by vehicles

Office contents insurance also covers you for fire extinguishing costs as well as the costs of business continuity – the additional expenses you may incur (like renting temporary office space) to carry on with your business practices while your offices are being repaired.

You also have the option of extending the cover to include protecting your offices against theft or burglary.

Business Interruption

When your property has been damaged or office assets stolen, you and your employees’ productivity and turnover is going to fall and you’ll incur additional expenses to get going again, which may result in devastating business interruption. It’s certainly not something you planned for!

SA Financial Planners can offer you business interruption cover that includes insurance for gross profits, insurance for gross rentals, insurance for gross revenue, and insurance for additional increases in the cost of working.

You’ll also receive – at no additional cost – cover for infrastructural damage that occurs within a 10 km radius of your business and interferes with customers accessing your premises (which also interferes with your business in general).

A small additional premium will extend your cover to include cover against a reduction in turnover following damage to the property of your clients or suppliers.


You absolutely need to protect your business contents against loss or damage, especially in a burglary where the assailants gained forcible and violent entry and exit. Our theft cover includes the risk of an armed robbery.

At no additional cost: you’ll receive cover for damage to buildings (up to R5 000), damage to fixtures and fittings (up to R5 000), and lock or key damage (up to R2 000).

Note: The risk of office contents being stolen is covered under the Office Contents section.


If money is kept on your premises or runs the risk of being stolen in transit, we can provide that all-important cover for loss of/damage to money that belongs to your business.

At no additional cost: we’ll also cover you for loss or damage to money containers (up to R3 000), and loss of locks/keys (up to R3 000).


If your building has windows, you’re at risk of broken windows and glass, which exposes your property and puts the security of your property, assets, and employees at risk. Make sure you are covered for this risk.

This cover includes: internal glass as well as external glass and signage cover. It also includes (at no additional cost), the cover of shop fronts, frames, and window displays (for up to R2 000).

Goods in Transit

The very nature of your business could mean that your goods need to be transported over a substantial distance. You run the risk of losing these goods to damage or theft while they’re in transit, so you need to be covered for this risk. We provide a number of options for goods in transit cover, which include:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Limited Cover (damage caused by fire, collision, or overturned vehicle)
  • Limited cover, which includes theft and hijackings

Business All-risk

We know that sometimes you need some of your assets (like cameras, laptops, or display projectors) to be mobile, so we’re offering Business All-risk cover to provide comprehensive cover for the loss or damage to business equipment either at or off your premises.

This cover is for off-premises assets that are taken anywhere in the world.

Accidental Damage

While you might think that you’ve comprehensively insured every aspect of your business, accidental damage cover recognises those risks that are truly unforeseen and aren’t covered by any existing policy documentation. This type of damage would include instances of shelving collapsing or other rogue damage that still has a noticeable impact on your business.

Fidelity Insurance (theft by employees)

Even if your appointment process is thorough and you believe you have a qualified and ethical workforce, you’re still at the risk of theft by your employees, unfortunately.

Under fidelity insurance, you’ll receive compensation for financial loss to your company due to employees’ stealing money or stock.

Public Liability Insurance

If, during the course of business, you or one of your employees causes damage to property not belonging to you, or causes the injury or death of someone else, Public Liability Insurance is there to cover your liability.

This cover includes defence against a third-party claim; the damages awarded in the event of your legal liability; as well as third-party legal costs (up to a specified limit).

Personal Accident Cover

This is also colloquially known as workers’ compensation, and covers the accidental injury of you or your employees while on your premises. The cover provides a pay-out to the injured party based on your compensation limit.

Vehicle Insurance

Many businesses have company cars as well as delivery vehicles and other types of vehicles, which assist in the company meeting its business requirements. Vehicle insurance provides cover for cars, buses, utility vehicles, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorcycles, as well as special vehicles.

You can opt for comprehensive cover, third-party, fire and theft, or third-party only cover.

For a nominal additional premium: you can enjoy the convenience of vehicle hire while your insured vehicle remains unusable or in for repairs due to loss or damage.

Electronic Equipment

Most businesses today cannot operate properly or efficiently without some form of technology, which makes an extremely good case for why you should insure your electronic equipment.

At no additional cost, our electronic equipment cover includes: replacement and repair of hardware, paying for architects and other professionals, the cost of clearing debris, erecting hoardings for property protection, express deliveries and overtime – all part of getting your business running efficiently again after loss or damage.

Extended cover under this insurance product includes data recovery and reinstallation of applications.

Machinery Breakdown

In all likelihood, your machinery will be covered under fire and theft risks, but machinery is also at risk of accidental damage due to:

  • lack of operator skill
  • carelessness
  • short circuiting

We’re also happy to cover costs of: overtime, night shift or work on public holidays, and freight costs incurred due to repairing machinery as soon as possible.

The risk of business interruption after machinery has broken down is a reality, so we also provide cover for the reduction in turnover and increased working in the event of a machinery breakdown or loss.

Deterioration of Stock

If your refrigerator or related cooling machinery had to break down, you may suffer stock losses due to the machinery breakdown. Our cover for Deterioration of Stock will ensure you do not suffer these losses without adequate cover.

SA Financial Planners can offer you a thorough analysis of your business to determine where your insurable risks really lie and to offer you adequate protection of the future success of your business.

These aren’t our only insurance solutions – If you have any questions, please complete the contact form with your details and one of our corporate Financial Planners will call you.