Insurance for the Agriculture Industry

best agricultural insuranceAt SA Financial Planners we know that your business and your livelihood are at the mercy of the elements – that the weather (short-term) and climate (long-term) are beyond anyone’s control, yet you rely on some modicum of their consistency in order to earn a living and survive. We’ll offer you insurance solutions that protect your livelihood when the weather is inconsistent.

It’s good to know that our insurance partner policies are based on over 80 years of crop and hail research, and are underpinned by over 90 years in asset insurance experience. We’ve partnered with providers whose research-based knowledge and focus on transparency and consistency have earned them the reputation of being the best risk managers in the farming business.

In order to fully grasp the challenges facing farmers, our partner has invested in an experimental farm in the Free State, where they conduct research in order to understand just how crops are affected by different weather conditions. They know that when a crop gets damaged, it could affect you for years to come, and that an insurance pay-out can’t restore damaged plants. However, we can advise you on how to eventually recoup your losses.

With this grassroots level research, farming is as much our business as it is yours, so it’s our aim to provide the security you need to survive in this difficult sector. At SA Financial Planners, we want to establish honest, collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients, so it’s our aim to understand your business by being consistent and present.

Our partner is also the first and only South African insurer to join ClimateWise – an international network of leading insurers to influence debate and decision making on climate change and insurance.

Our Agricultural Insurance offerings have been carefully designed to take the stress and hassle out of insuring your crops and assets; and they include:

Crop Insurance

crop insuranceOur crop insurance provides you with the longest period of cover by insuring your crops as soon as possible after planting and providing you with peace of mind. The premium you pay for crop insurance only applies to the insured amount, regardless of the number of days the crop was covered by the insurer.

Crop insurance is becoming more and more popular with farmers because the cost of production is increasing and the weather and environment are becoming more unpredictable. With our multi-peril crop insurance, you’ll be covered for:

  • hail
  • damage to stored grain
  • fire on orchards, veld, and sugarcane

Asset Insurance

While there are many huge and expensive assets associated with farming, it’s often the farmer’s hidden assets – such as computer data, or a neighbouring farm at risk of your runaway veld fire – that need to be insured.

Our agricultural insurance product offers comprehensive cover that is flexible enough to cover the flexible (and unpredictable) needs of the modern farmer.

At SA Financial Planners we also understand that farmers are vulnerable to death or injury liabilities, or the damage that occurs on your property. For this reason, we offer tailor-made policies to cover your farming property against risks like animals causing damage, the spread of fire, damage to dam walls, hunters’  liability, warehousemen’s liability, products liability, and general employment practices.

The other benefits of asset insurance with us include vehicle insurance covering bakkies, trucks, tractors, farming implements, as well as fire, theft, and third-party liabilities.

The asset cover available includes buildings, machinery and equipment (including specialised farming equipment), damage to stock (including livestock), loss of income, vehicles, funeral expenses, as well as legal liabilities.

Vine Insurance

vine insuranceWith South African winemakers producing some of the world’s best wines, we understand the importance of vine insurance.

Our solutions suit the unique needs of farmers in the vine industry, as well as those associated with farms, estates, co-ops, restaurants, and guesthouses – since many wine farmers and producers are also in the hospitality business.

At SA Financial Planners, our unique and comprehensive product for the vine industry is combined into one policy, offering you our signature peace of mind, no matter how varied your insurance needs are. We’ll cover the commercial and personal needs of the vine industry supply chain – that includes farmers, co-op producers, private wine farms, and estates.

The vine insurance policy includes:

  • liability protection
  • accidental damage to wine, wine tanks, and related property
  • losses to crops
  • cover for fire, lightning, explosion
  • damage to trellises, uprights and fences
  • costs of labour, fertiliser, materials, and disease and pest prevention
  • loss of income following an interruption in business due to damage

At no additional cost, our partner also offers value-added services such as a crisis line, emergency medical services, and health and legal advice.

Weather Forecast

We know that a bad season can affect your farm for more than one yield and can threaten your livelihood and longevity in the farming industry. We also understand that unpredictable weather patterns and climate change can have a severe impact on farmers, their assets, crops, and livelihood in general.

Our assistance can provide you with strategies such as harvesting rain water, skilfully using different crop types, planting dates, improved fertiliser application and other farming methods to contribute to minimising the effects of weather variability and the overall impact of climate change.

Our climatologist will provide our clients with weekly weather updates, and comprehensive climatic and seasonal forecasts so that you can be as prepared as possible to face what mother nature has in store for you.

If you have any questions, please complete the contact form with your details and one of our corporate Financial Planners will call you.