change medical aid

Medical aid services are designed to offer affordable healthcare to members. Several factors can make a member to change the healthcare options. Here are the top 7 reasons we found why people change medical aid.

1. Costs

Affordable medical cover options will always attract more people. Members can change their subscription to healthcare practitioners who charge less money for the same quality of services. On the other hand, expensive services will tend to scare people who are willing to continue with their subscription but do not have enough money.

2. Benefits

Members could need less or more healthcare benefits and therefore change their decisions. You can change your healthcare options in pursuit of more benefits that are provided by a different healthcare practitioner.

3. Exclusions

Exclusion on benefits is described as one of the major reasons why people change medical covers. Members will always look for alternative healthcare providers who offer more inclusive benefits for their members.

4. Accessibility

Overly restrictive limits on preferred healthcare practitioners can make members change medical aid. People will always opt for service providers who offer flexible options when it comes to choosing a preferred practitioner.

5. Added Value

Members can look for alternative medical scheme that offer additional wellness elements. This is especially true if negotiations on increasing the benefits fail to bear any fruits. The disheartened member can opt to look for another medical scheme.

6. Service Delivery

Default in service delivery can make members change medical aid. This is especially true in the event of a scheme’s service delivery being problematic to the extent that members raise complaints that run into deaf ears. The management that ignores problems that emerge during medical cover period will make members to look for other options.

7. Changing Employment

A member may be forced to change medical aid if he resigns, retrenched or retires. In most cases, members look for healthcare service providers who offer benefits that will suit their new employment status. Changing jobs can also make a member to opt out of the medical aid contract. This is particularly true if the new employers have their own healthcare schemes.

It is advisable to do a thorough audit of your healthcare needs at least once a year. An accredited medical aid advisor will help you better understand the different options available to you according to your specific needs.

Tip: Remember to ask about gap cover. An affordable solution that gives you peace of mind that your medical shortfall costs will always be covered.